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Text Messaging
for Your Business

Seamlessly integrate text messaging into your business to increase sales and profit!

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Step 1: Open the Door to Text Prospects and Customers

Use a keyword initiated conversation to open the door to texting with your contacts. As you capture contact information through automated conversations, you also open their mind to understand your business responds to text messages.

* Green messages are automated, blue are live and grey are from contacts.


Step 2: Send Conversation Starting Text Messages from Follow Up Campaigns

ALL sales happen in conversations. You want more sales? Have more conversations! Stop pushing people to buy and start engaging them in text message conversations and watch your growth and profits soar! Drop a couple text messages that ask conversation starting questions into your new and existing email follow up processes. It's that easy!


Step 3: Have More Live Conversations

All the opportunity is in live texting! Don't let anyone fool you. If you want to dramatically increase sales, start having 2-way conversations with prospects and customers via text message that lead to phone calls (as needed). Your prospects often have simple questions that they need answers to before they will buy, but they are afraid to talk to a silver tongued salesperson! Texting is the safe and convenient way for them to resolve their concerns before they buy!

Text DEMO to (858) 800-4552