HubSpot Integration



HubSpot Integration

HubSpot and YetiText combine one of the most powerful CRMs on the market and text messaging into a robust and easy-to-use solution. Seamlessly integrate full-featured text messaging into your HubSpot Workflows with YetiText. Use our desktop messenger or native mobile apps with push notifications to respond to contacts on the go.

Auto Chats:

Unlimited keyword selection through YetiText allows you to create as many lead capture text conversations as you want. Contact information gathered through Auto Chats is saved automatically to the HubSpot contact record. You can then trigger HubSpot Workflows directly from the Auto Chat.

Live Chat:

Use our desktop messenger or our native Android and iOS mobile apps to send and receive text messages to your contacts in HubSpot. Designed for teams, YetiText allows you and your team separate logins in order to keep chats connected between you and the contact you’re messaging with separate from other team members.

HubSpot Messages:

Integrate YetiText into your Workflows in HubSpot to automate sending of text messages to your contacts in HubSpot. Responses from your contacts seamlessly flow into YetiText’s Live Chat to allow you and your team to easily respond on the go.


HubSpot Features:

  • Build and Modify Your Website Without IT.
  • Get Your Content in Front of the Right People.
  • Drive More Traffic to Key Landing Pages.
  • Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads.
  • Turn Leads Into Customers With Less Effort.
  • Track Customers and Report Your Impact on the Bottom Line.

HubSpot Pricing:

  • HubSpotCRM is free to use with additional add-ons that can be attached to your account.
  • MarketingHub ranges from free, $50/mon to $800/mon* and $3,200/mon*.
  • SalesHub ranges from free, $50/mon to $400/mon* and $1,200/mon*.
  • ServiceHub ranges from free, $50/mon to $400/mon* and $1,200/mon*.

*Billed Annually


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Text HUBSPOT to 858-800-4552 to see how YetiText + HubSpot work!